Fritters King

Fritters King is a hidden gem located in Golden Square (Mississauga) and people easily walk by the place without giving a second glance. This small Chinese restaurant is quite simple and untasty-looking from the outside. The cash-only rule may also repel some people away.

That being said, if you have some loose change and are craving authentic Chinese food then Fritters King is the place to go. I have been to this restaurant several times in the last 1.5 years I have been in Toronto. My favourite dishes to get (also what they’re known for) are congee and dough fritters (Chinese donut aka 油条).

Congee is chinese-styled porridge although not as bland and with more ingredients. It is essentially rice and water combined together to produce a thick soup-like texture and mixed with various goodies such as sliced pork, preserved eggs, fish slices, abalone and more. Dough fritters is a popular breakfast food item eaten widely in China. It is a deep-fried strip of dough made to taste either sweet or salty; normally it is eaten as an accompaniment for congee or soy milk.

Since my friend I were going for brunch, we ordered a fish slice & preserved egg congee to share as well as dough fritters, curry squid and spicy deep-fried tofu.


Fish slice & preserved egg congee

Although the congee did not have a thick consistency, the nice fragrance of ginger and green onions along with the smell of fish slices and preserved egg made up for it. It was quite a reminiscence of my mom’s cooking.


dough fritters aka Chinese donut

The dough fritters were crunchy on the outside yet warm and soft on the inside; I highly recommend giving it a try. I usually like to dip it in my congee and eat it while it’s mushy. Yummmmmmmmm :)


spicy deep-fried tofu

I love tofu-anything so I thought I give their spicy deep-fried tofu a try. The sauce was not as spicy as I hoped but the tofu had a nice texture to it. However I do prefer this dish from a restaurant specializing in dimsum since they usually serve the best ones. Fritters King probably wasn’t the right place to order it but it did satisfy our hungry stomachs to an extent.


curry squid

I was looking around the entire menu searching for deep-fried squid but sadly they did not serve it so we settled with their curry squid. When the waitress brought it to our table, we both looked at each other with a confused expression and here’s why: the squid was pink as if it was almost raw and the dish did not resemble the traditional ones at all. In fact, is it even edible? I picked up a piece and ate it. The squid was not cooked thoroughly and the curry sauce DID NOT mix well with the uncooked squid. I was overly disappointed with it and needless to say, the dish was untouched for the rest of our meal.

The price came to $10 a person including tips and taxes which is quite decent for the amount of food we got.

The Fritter King on Urbanspoon


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