Unhappy with my first Happy Meal

There was a part of my childhood where I vividly remember my grandma taking my brother and I to the nearby McDonalds every single weekend. I have no idea how I didn’t turn obese from all that greasy golden fries and 45-calories-per-mcnugget.

Needless to say my asian grandmother didn’t think Happy Meals were worth the money since for an extra dollar or two, you can get regular sized meals. I ain’t complaining here. When I revisited the mother of all fast food chains, I decided to try something different and voila, my first trial of a Happy Meal.

There were several selections to choose from; I chose the grilled cheese sandwich with small fries, pop, and yogurt. I am a huge fan of grilled cheese sandwiches and it will forever be my favourite comfort food. Needless to say I was disappointed when I took out my sandwich and saw that the processed cheese slice was unmelted. The unappealing grilled cheese was literally just two circular bread with a slice of cheese inserted in between; it tasted bland and boring. Their crispy fries was delicious as usual. albeit the small portion.

For a whole $4.12 worth of food, the Happy Meal wasn’t too bad but I will definitely make a note to get anything besides the grilled cheese.




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