5th Element (Winterlicious)

Winterlicious was right around the corner and I made sure not to miss it this year. Looking through the extensive menu, my eyes almost had a seizure from the never-ending list of Toronto’s top restaurants. Places range from your favourite cheap yet delicious mom & pop’s diners to rooftop fine-dining inside 5 star hotels. The prix fixe menus range from $15 to $45.

My roommates and I finally narrowed it down to 3 choices and 5th Element was the winner this year! Due to our endless midterms and assignments, we couldn’t find the time to visit another restaurant.

Now usually I don’t crave for Indian food nor do I ever step into an Indian restaurant but WOW has this place making my taste buds explode left and right. For $25, you are definitely getting bang for your buck!


Spicy Pomfret Crescents with dates and plum chutney


Chicken Tikka Singaporean Style (local) with mixed green salad and cumin raspberry vinegarate


Bottomless naan bread (SERIOUS FOODGASM)



Braised Lamb Shank with garam masala infused garlic and tomato sauce



Orange Mango cheese cake with raspberry coulis


Vanilla Rice Pudding with sweetened fried cottage cheese dumpling


Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 6/10

Overall the food was scrumptious and the flavor is more of a fusion of Indian and *insert some other asian country*. The only problem I had was that the food took awhile (30 mins) to get to our table but the waitresses were very attentive!

Just in case you’re always finding ways to save money (like yours truly), I found a Groupon deal for 5th Element here

5th Element Indian Restaurant + Bar on Urbanspoon


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