O.Noir (asdfghjkl what am I eating?)

You’ve heard of blind dates…but have you heard of blind eating? I tried it for the first time and surprisingly enough, it was quite pleasant! If you haven’t guessed by now, O.Noir is a restaurant that specializes in “dining in the dark” a.k.a you have no idea where you are, where your food is, who’s sitting beside you, etc etc.


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The restaurant offers the regular menu and the surprise menu; I opted out of the surprise menu since I wasn’t feeling spontaneous that day. For appetizer, I chose the Grilled Octopus with Olive Oil and Lime and as my main entree, I chose the Filet Mignon Served with Potatoes and Vegetables. Here is the entire menu in the O.Noir in Toronto.

Let me just first mention that their complimentary bread is OH-SO GOOD. However, putting butter on the bread was quite challenging and I kept on putting it on my finger -_- It’s interesting to note that all the waiters there are legally blind and I cannot imagine how they do what they do.

When my appetizer came, I wasn’t sure how to eat it since, well, I couldn’t see it. I jabbed my fork onto the plate, hoping that something will get stuck onto it. My grilled octopus definitely did not taste like octopus. It tasted more like pork sausage but I’m guessing it’s the lack the of eyesight that is confusing my taste buds. The filet mignon on the other hand was DELICIOUS (to my surprise) and I couldn’t stop eating. The juiciness of the steak took over my mouth as each bite was more succulent than the previous. To top it off, the meat was already cut into edible pieces so that I don’t accidentally cut my finger.

Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: Completely pitch-black and loud

Overall I really enjoyed my first (and last?) dining in the dark experience but the restaurant is on the pricier side. I guess it’s the experience that you’re really paying for!

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2 thoughts on “O.Noir (asdfghjkl what am I eating?)

  1. lisasplate says:

    I’ve heard so many reviews about this place! For the most part they’ve all commented on the food being delicious but I wasn’t aware that all the wait staff are legally blind and I find that really interesting. I hope to try this restaurant one day just to experience it for myself, thanks for the review! By far the most informative one to date.


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