To-ne Sushi

Queen St West is known as the cool cat’s corner of downtown Toronto where trendy meets hipster. Vogue has named this street the second-hippest district in the world. Where else would you find cuisines from around the world, vintage stores, indie patisseries, condom stores and the MuchMusic HQ all on the same street?

My internship workplace happens to be nearby which only means that lunchtime equates to delicious foodventures. You’ve got choices such as Banh Mi Boys, Burger’s Priest and Let’s Be Frank to satisfy your cravings. I was itching for some Japanese food and came across To-ne Sushi. Their menu consists of the typical Japanese dishes as well as lunch specials.


Hwe Dup Bap – $10.50


I ordered the Hwe Dup Bap which consists of assorted sashimi and vegetables on rice served with Korean hot sauce. The dish also came with complimentary miso soup and small noodle soup. I was quite impressed with their presentation style. Mine was very colorful and my friend’s sushi plate came with flower arrangements. The combined taste of fresh sashimi, raw vegetables, seasweed and hot sauce was quite delicious and enjoyable. I’m honestly a sucker for anything spicy (hello srircha) ♡

From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look like much but compared to nearby Japanese places, To-ne Sushi wins it in my books! I shall be back for actual sushi next time.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
To-ne Sushi on Urbanspoon


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