FOB (Fresh Off the Boat)

A celebratory meal is mandatory on the last day of an internship and so here I am, ready to chow down on some delicious seafood. I happen to also be on a see-food diet (ha ha). The sun finally managed to peek its way through the clouds which added a nice touch.

Tucked away on the street of Queen St. West, Fresh Off the Boat is a small hipster joint that serves asian-inspired seafood sandwiches. They are best known for their Soft Shell crab sandwich and popular F.O.B (aka asianified po-boy).




One of my biggest pet peeves is when restaurants have a gazillion options on their menus. Fresh Off the Boat, however, made theirs short and sweet. The inside decor is quite funky with a giant sriracha wall next to the kitchen. Their eating space isn’t large so most customers choose to buy takeout.


 (drum roll please…)


Lobster Roll – $13.95

Ta da!

I ordered the Lobster Roll which consisted of a folded slice of buttery bread topped with lobster claw meat, fresh cut fries & broccoli coleslaw. The flavor of the lobster was somewhat overpowered by the mayo but it still had a nice subtle seafood aftertaste. Although I am not a fan of coleslaw, I really enjoyed the broccoli house slaw as it had a refreshing lemon zing to it. The fries were a bit soggy for my liking but it did come hot and fresh. Needless to say I smothered it with sriracha.

Although the price of their food is slightly higher than the average, it was worth it overall! The staff there were consistently upbeat and friendly to every incoming customer. I will definitely be visiting again to try their Softshell Crab sandwich!

Food: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 7/10

Fresh Off the Boat on Urbanspoon


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