Seven Lives

After several hundred million years later, I finally visited the famous Seven Lives located in Kensington Market (aka foodies’ paradise). This joint proves to be an ultimate fan-favourite with its bangin’ tacos that will surely satisfy your taste buds in every possible way.

I got there half an hour before closing but the lineup was surprisingly short. The space inside is quite small with only one table for sitting and another for standing. Most people take it to go and take advantage of the short-lived summer weather in Toronto.


*Note: Opened Wednesdays to Sundays from 12-7pm and cash only*


Top: Blackened Mahi Mahi – $5   Bottom: The Gobernador – $5


Blackened Mahi Mahi: The mahi mahi was grilled with a dry rub of spices topped with a generous amount of guac and salsa. It tasted both sweet and sour which I absolutely loved and the fillet was large enough to fill the whole double-tortilla. I was quite sad when the taco was finished.

The Gobernador: This magical taco was filled to the brim with different flavours layering to the top. There were so many garnishments on the taco that I couldn’t distinguish them all but it had shrimp, smoked tuna, pickled onions and cheese oozing at the bottom. I loved the combination of spicy and sour, and this taco was the epitome of deliciousness.

Seven Lives is more than worth the hype and I will definitely be revisiting to try their other tacos. Taco ’bout the beginning of an addiction ha ha. Also if you’re an avid spicy-eater like me, be sure to try their hot salsa!

Food: 9.5/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
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